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Agriculture & Rural Business

The work that has been done by us in the field of Agriculture.…..

  • Reformation of existing traditional System of Agriculture Extension under ATMA (Govt. of India Scheme) for Government of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Promotion of Public Private Partnership in Agriculture Extension Reform under ATMA project of GOI.
  • Designing, Implementation, Promotion of Integrated Information centre for agriculture initiatives of the Government under AGRISNET (Government of India).
  • Project consultant for Kissan Soil Health Card Project. It is a project vision to provide Soil health card and fertilizer recommendations to all the farmers (more than 100 Lakhs) of the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Project consultant to SFAC for Agriculture project in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Preparation of CDAP (Comprehensive Dist. Agriculture Plan) and project report for RKVY in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Preparation of project report and implementation plan for organic farming in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Modernization of Agriculture M.P. Mandi Board. Planning & Assessment of the Mandi Board project provisions, capacity building, deliverables, PPP model & success of the computersitaion of Mandi Board.
  • Promotion of form and non-form Micro-enterprises for sustainable Rural development Joint initiative by ITSC, IRA and SIRDI Promotion of small rural enterprises based on Agriculture, Minor Forestry, Antiques through process standardization, marketing support & Linkages, technical and management support.

Related Project with funding agencies…

  • Village selection, NGO management, Training MP Rural Livelihood Project (MPRLP) Indicator development for village selection, development to GIS based tools incorporating the indicator, village selection and cluster formation, NGO selection for the project and capacity building
  • Quality control consultant for MIS MP Rural Livelihood Project (MPRLP) Planning of management indicators, proper positioning of indicators in MIS, suitability of MIS design and reporting system for Rural development project like MPRLP.

Envisaged Projects:

  • Development of frarmer institutions (producer companies) and federations on self sustainable manner.
  • Development of diversified farming for maximization of income of farmers.
  • Implementation of PPP in agriculture of the state.
  • Development of Agri-knowledge infrastructure and strengthening of training centers.
  • Development and implementation of MIS for major project like RKVY, ATMA, NFSM etc..

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