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ITSC Material Management ERP System is a versatile solution for Procurement Handling & inventory Management. ITSC Material Management can also be integrated with other modules such as ITSC HMIS & ITSC Retail ERP.

ITSC MM covers all tasks within the supply chain management, including consumption based planning, vendor evaluation and invoice verification. It also includes inventory and warehouse management to manage stock, until usage dictates, the cycle should begin again through user configurable recorder levels.

The software follows industry standards for classification of items. Various vital analytical reports like ABC/VED/FSN/HML/XYZ Analysis are in-built into the system for optimal inventory control. The software also supports several user configurable alert mechanisms via SMS, Email on screen messages etc.

Features of ITSC Material Management System

  1. Multilevel categorization of Drugs / Clinical / Non Clinical items
  2. Identification of Assets.
  3. ABC Indicator.
  4. Auto Indenting.
  5. System Generated Planned Orders.
  6. System Generated Purchase Requisition via conversion of Planned Orders (User intervention required before conversion to Purchase Requisition).
  7. Provision of Staggered Delivery Schedule in Purchase Requisition.
  8. Multiple Pricing Support - Moving Average Price / MRP (User Configurable).
  9. Goods Receive via Purchase Order.
  10. Provision of keeping record of Free Goods in system.
  11. Tender / Rate Contract / RFQ records in system
  12. Multi vendor Price Comparison.
  13. Transfer Postings in Multiple Storage Locations
  14. Goods Issue to Multiple Cost Centers.
  15. Patient wise item consumption report.
  16. Stock Ledger
  17. Vendor Evaluation
  18. Invoice Verification
  19. Calculation of LD / CD in Invoice.
  20. Integration with ITSC HIS.

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