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 ITSC Microfinance ERP is an attempt to bring power of cloud computing, that has helped many small to medium businesses, to Microfinance Institutions across the country - Application hosted on Microsoft platform. The users (M FO's) can access it over the internet using a web browser.

Important features of ITSC Microfinance ERP are:

Flexible Loan Products
Provision for taken over loan
  • Flexibility in Amount & Point of Collection of Processing Fees
  • Alerts for exception data derived from the database
  • Loan utilization checks are conducted on all loan disbursements, after 4 weeks Source of each loan is recorded at the time of capturing a loan application
  • History of each data item is maintained by the software
  • Audit teams visit branches & centers to conduct audit of processes and accounts
  • insurance particulars of the client and spouse are captured in the system
  • The heart of this structure is the Microfinance ERP that is designed to cover all activities done at the branch level. Additionally, since this ERP is online, the advantages of concurrent remote monitoring are available to the organization.

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